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Recycled tire tiles


Recessed Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles are a great Eco-friendly product. These super durable 12mm thick rubber tiles are created from heavy-duty commercial aircraft and commercial truck tires. Super heavy tire strips, buffed to a chenille finish, allow for unmatched longevity while making a responsible environmental statement for your business.

Perfect for large commercial areas with heavy traffic: Airports, commercial building lobbies/entrance ways, hospitals, and other areas

Product Definition:        Heavy duty entrance flooring tiles

Description Material:    100 % Recycled rubber tire and belt material with reinforcement

Surface Aspect:             Buffed, chenille-like nylon

Primary Backing:           Non-flammable solid adhesive base

Thickness:                      3/8’’ (12 mm)

Tile Size:                        12’’ x 12’’ (305 x 305 mm)

Weight:                          2 lbs / sq ft (9.88 kg/m2)

Packing:                         Cartoon box of 25 tiles

Warranty:                       Limited Lifetime

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